See what medical professional and integrative therapy experts are saying about the REAL-EaSE® Neck Support

Richard M. Gold, Ph.D., L.Ac.

Dr. Gold is a 1972 graduate of Oberlin College.  In 1978, he graduated from the New England School of Acupuncture and since that time has devoted his professional life to the study, practice, teaching, writing and research in the field of East Asian medicine.  In 1983, Dr. Gold earned a doctorate in psychology.

In 1985, Dr. Gold was one of the four founders of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, the largest school of East Asian medicine in the U.S.A., with accredited campuses in San Diego, Chicago and New York City.

Watch as Dr. Gold demonstrates how the REAL-EaSE® can be used to relive neck and shoulder pain and tension.


Dan Mctague, Author, Meditation Instructor, Bikram Yoga Instructor


Steve Hinkey, DC.

Chiropractor, Bikram Yoga Instructor, and Precision Based Adjustment specialist Dr. Steve Hinkey gives us his expert opinion on how the REAL-EaSE® can help relieve your neck and shoulder pain.